Convert PDF To Image

Convert PDF To Image 12.50

Convert selected PDF pages into images at the required quality

This program allows you to achieve exactly what its name proclaims: convert PDF documents into image files. Among the supported output formats are JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, TGA, WMF, and others. This tool can also be used in command-line mode, which allows it to be easily integrated with other apps. Besides, this tool supports batch PDF conversion by folders.

Convert PDF To Image, however, offers an "unconventional" user interface which looks hard to understand at first. It's basically composed of various panels that allow you to select your source and destination file/folder, and to create several conversion tasks that are listed, ready to be executed or removed individually. As I stated before, this tool supports the conversion of multiple PDF documents in batches, however, this feature requires that you group all your source documents in a single folder. This is because the program doesn't support the creation of a source conversion list, which is the common method used by the vast majority of document converters. In Convert PDF To Image, you can select either a single source file or a folder containing all your source files.

Following the same policy, for the output files, you can also select either a single file name or a destination folder, while the output format can simply be selected from a drop-down list. However, the program offers you an "Options" panel where you can configure the general output quality, resolution, width, and height as well as the pages -or page ranges- to be converted. Of course, these setting apply to all your conversion tasks and files. Only for the TIFF format, you can select whether to create individual files or a single multi-page one. In addition, you can set the program to automatically move or delete your source PDF documents once they are converted, but of course, these options should be used with caution to avoid accidental data loss.

Finally, this utility also supports the scheduling of your conversion tasks, though this feature requires saving them as disk files first. You need to select your conversion file (with SII extension) and configure its automatic execution either by calendar or by time intervals. The calendar mode, in turn, supports daily, weekly, or monthly schedules.

All in all, although Convert PDF To Image achieves its purpose of converting PDF documents into image files, I consider that its user interface should be widely improved, both visually and functionally. As of my testing, the program provides average conversion speeds and its output quality is quite decent.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Converts PDF documents into multiple image file formats
  • Implements a command-line interface
  • Manages multiple conversion tasks
  • Converts PDF documents by pages or page ranges
  • Creates multi-page TIFF files from your PDF documents
  • Moves or deletes your source files after the conversion
  • Schedules your conversion tasks for automatic execution


  • Converts multiple PDF files in batches by folders only
  • Offers an unconventional, hard-to-understand interface
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